Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 252...raindrops, freeze tag and silly songs

It looks like it might rain any minute here at Durley Family Camp. That makes me a little sad since I was going to try to participate in this afternoon’s activity. As long as it doesn’t rain I definitely will tomorrow! I love playing games with the kids and the families, its a lot of fun! 
I am working with Jamie Ward, and fellow team member Luke Paul, for the Preschooler’s daily class. Jamie is the staff person, and Luke and I are just helpers. The kids are so cute. Abby and Mylee both are pretty shy, but Mylee has started to talk some. Abby still just stares at you with those big blue eyes and just smiles her “I know you want me to talk, but I’m not gonna!” smile. precious, frustrating, but oh so precious. Today before we had our “lesson” we played freeze tag. Ivan is very fast, but Joshua really likes to run and he is super fast! I can tell he likes to play sports. Ivan has just been recently adopted from Russia! I’m not sure if he is used to always playing games like tag, but I would think they play tag in Russia? I don’t know...anyway, I ran around, not too fast so the little guys could catch me, but boy it felt to run and do something! 
Today at lunch I sat with the table of middle school girls again. They taught me some silly songs. I love silly songs. I especially love the Princess Pat. Also the Banana song is good too. I may have to teach them the Weenie man song. Its funny :) or the Jesus in a White box song. that one makes me laugh :) well, looks like it is actually raining, no ultimate frisbee this afternoon, looking forward to the water front, hope it clears up in a little bit so the kids can enjoy the lake! 

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