Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Adventure Called Life day 267...birthday number two...

Happy Birthday beautiful Marrissa!
How cool is it that Marrissa and I have our birthdays one right after the other. super. that’s how cool. I hope she has as a great day that I had yesterday. Birthdays at camp are fun :) 
Last night was life changing. We played a really long time. Altar call turned into two, three, four, five songs, then over ten. Jacob played for a long time. None of my girls came forward without shepherd help, so I stayed up on the stage and sang harmonies on the spot with Jacob. It was too much fun. I enjoy this kind of thing, losing myself in worship. Jake eventually put down his guitar and began praying over each team member. It was an amazing experience. To see my team leader, the person who I look to the most for direction on the team to put down his instrument and pray over us in the middle of leading worship was life changing. I am so amazed by how much this team will sacrifice for one another and is always ready to encourage one another. 

I pray that we continue to do this. I pray that Christ continues to be our focus. 


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