Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 249...airborne...

Before we left the Walrath’s house this morning, Betty was sure to give us a package of Airborne. Luke being the suave medic he is, decided to order the other team members to take a tablet at our latest rest stop. We are in Illinois, about an hour away from the camp in Greenville. Well needless to say, but mayhem ensued. Luke apparently emptied his water bottle a little before putting a tablet of airborne in it. Marc and Jacob did not, so they almost fizzed over when they opened the top after mixing them up. It was funny. Then Jacob brought out his ukulele. He began writing a song about how awful airborne made him feel. I won’t repeat lyrics, they’re a little (okay a lot) questionable, but let’s just say inspite of my throbbing throat I laughed really, really hard.
We’re almost to Greenville. Apparently we’ve got about a half hour until we get there. It will be interesting to see how I’m treated tonight. I want to help set up, but I think that Jake and the guys will refuse my help. I’m not sure if there really is anything I can do. I’m trying to to think that I maybe should have stayed home for the weekend and came with Liz on monday, but we’ll see how it goes. Let the joy of the Lord be my strength!

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