Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 256...returning home with full hearts...

returning home with full hearts
Happy Saturday everyone. Well Spring Team 2 has made it through their first week of camp! Praise the Lord! None of us got extremely hurt, sick (at least for very long) and we have some awesome testimonies about what the Lord has done and is doing in the lives of the campers, staff and our own. I have been extremely blessed by the support of the staff, coming down with strep throat has really taught me to ask for help, don’t be ashamed of leaning on others for support. That’s what I would like to do for others, why wouldn’t I do that in return? 
We are on the road, before 10am, and Its amazing to me that we are going to drive seven hours today. We did it last saturday, and it wasn’t bad, then again I was asleep for most of it. I am looking forward to this time around where I will be awake. There is also a bonus, I do get to go see Zachariah tonight! :) super excited for that, but I am also excited to hear stories about this first camp, how it has impacted our newbies and how the veterans are being encouraged by such a blessed week! 
For some reason, the first camp of the summer is always special. Last summer it was the same, the people, the campers, the experience is just special. I think it might be our attitude, how we are so intentional about not having expectations when we go into this first camp. I wonder how we can keep that, the lack of expectation, except the expectation that God will show up.
I pray that you will keep our attitude aligned with yours. Help us to always aim to serve and not be served, to love and understand rather than be understood. I am so thankful and I praise you for this week at Durley. What a blessing it has been to be used by you! I pray for the staff that you would refresh them and revive them so they can continue to serve you. I thank you for the campers and ask that you continue to bless them and keep them close to you Father. Thank you. I love you.
In Jesus’ name
We return to Spring Arbor today, then tomorrow we go to Clarkston to play for and begin our relationship with the youth group. Later this summer we are going on a mission trip with them to Indianapolis, Indiana. Pray that we would be empty of ourselves, full of the Holy Spirit, and full of gentleness, love and grace. Amen! 

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