Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 207...on the road again...

here we go again! this afternoon Well Spring team 2 hits the road. We're headed out for a revival gig tonight. I believe our set starts at 7pm. We greatly appreciate your prayers :)

im excited. EEP! im a little sad though that i am missing Zachariah's sister Ariel's dance recital. I will have to visit, and then Ariel and i will have to choreograph a serious dance to a silly silly song and make everyone laugh really loud. i bet we could do a Go Fish song, or maybe a Satellites and Sirens tune. that would be so. much. fun.

anyway, i've got just a few minutes to get somethings together for tonight. its gonna ROCK! my team is absolutely amazing!  Jesus is so alive in us. Its amazing to watch each of them worship, even in practice. very cool. very encouraging and inspiring.

we surrender. we empty ourselves of our own thoughts, agendas and desires. we want you. fill us up, send us out O Lord. use us for your Glory! we love you.
In Jesus' Name


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