Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 211...papers, papers, papers...

You think after six semester of university (yeah, i said it :) i would be able to plan better when it came to the end of the semester.


oh well. I have around six papers due in the next week, and a final video project to pull together in two weeks. I CAN DO THIS :)

at least I have the support of my family, my wonderful boyfriend, my friends, and of course my beautiful Savior. I stopped into a practice room today after my 4 o'clock class and just played this piece i've been writing lately. I think its almost finished, now I have to transcribe it. Then I would like Dr. Brown to look at it. I am thinking it could possibly turn into a piano/strings piece. something like an accompanied string quartet.

Porchfest is tonight. that is something i am definitely looking forward to. I'm debating whether or not to bring any homework. I'm thinking that one last break from the ridiculous load of papers coming my way would be nice :) then I can get my CMI paper done tomorrow, my CHEM paper done friday, or at least outlined and finished then on saturday. I write my lab write up on sunday and start my PSY 110 paper on monday. This should work out nicely :) I'm thankful that Zach might be able to breathe after turning in his WOR 200 paper...

well now its time to eat the dinner I threw together, unpack the box my Mom sent me, then head over to Porchfest! *sigh* great night :)


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