Monday, April 5, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 188...attraction...

so. attraction. desire. chemistry. these are things that we deal with on a daily basis. think about it. everyone of your friends, something about them is attractive to you. I'm not saying that its sexual by any means. Just that something about them attracts you, that you desire to know them or spend time with them because you are attracted to them for some reason or another. 

I would say that I am attracted to Zachariah. I'm not saying that its sexual in nature, but I am a girl, and as far as I know he is a boy...anyway...thats off topic. Attraction. oh yes. I am intrigued by him. I also think its cool that he's passionately pursing Jesus. He's a song writer/worship leader that is intrigued by my passionate encounters with the Holy Spirit. I can tell he wants to be able to "tap in" to the Holy Spirit. I have been praying that he finds what he is pursuing. I know that God is faithful, especially when we are running after him. 

I desperately don't want to be attracted to him romantically. He is a couple of years younger than me, he's also shorter. But he is quite handsome, and he's smart, funny and did i mention, passionately pursuing Christ? Oh yeah, he's also a guitar player, an acoustic, guitar, player. yes. I am a girl alright! lol...I just don't want a romantic attraction to him to ruin my admiration for him and how our friendship develops. I don't want to have that "unspoken expectation" in the back of my mind. its one of my greatest fears, that a relationship will be ruined because I pushed too far or was "too creepy" or something like that. And so what if he's short. that doesn't bother me one bit. It might, however, bother him that i'm taller? rats. oh well...

He whisked me away to Marshall, his humble abode, and we jammed with a couple of his good friends this afternoon. Then we stopped by his house, grabbed a few things, then headed to a delightful little sandwich shop. also, I got to see the House with A Clock in its Walls! THE HOUSE! apparently John Bellairs, one of my most favorite childhood authors, lived there for some time. I can still picture the shelf that held all the books in the intermediate school library. It was directly in the back of the library, the top encased shelf, and there were all there. ah. good times. good times. 

I think I should take him around Hartland one afternoon. and soon. Its beautiful this time of year. I guess I could wait for the trees to get their leaves back first. maybe after school lets out, we can hit my house or Eric's for a weekend. that would be sweet :)

I recently purchased a daily devotional. I finished my current one, and now I am starting with it today. 365 days of "conversating" with God. im excited! 

here's to passionately pursuing Christ! 


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