Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 192...sold out...

Friday, April 9, 2010
several years ago, my youth pastor challenged us to be "sold out" for Jesus in a sermon series. I remember rededicating my life to Christ, to be completely "sold out" for the kingdom. I am not perfect, but I have managed to stay on the path God has for me at this point in my life.

Ron Kopicko spoke in chapel today. All I kept thinking about was that moment in youth group, when Rhonda, my youth leader, challenged us to "sell out" for Jesus. I'm sure I was smiling very silly, and I was very happy. I felt that God was reminding me of that commitment I made, but I also felt him smiling too. I don't know how to describe it. I'm not saying I've been perfect, but i know that God is pleased with me because I came to Spring Arbor, I am a worship arts student, I am involved in Awaken 24, Wellspring, choir, and I'm going to be an RA. its nice to be smiled upon :)

Awaken 24 is tonight! I'm super excited. Casey, Zach and I are doing a set from 8pm to 10pm. it should be good. it always is...

use us, this time is for you, not us. We are here for your praise, your glory and your honor. PRAISE BE TO YOU OH HOLY ONE! i love you.
In Jesus' name,


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