Tuesday, April 13, 2010

you won't relent...

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many of you know the song written by Misty Edwards, performed by Jesus Culture called You Won't Relent.

Its been running through my being for a couple of weeks now. Its just simply four chords, but the "montra" aspect of it just has me hooked. here's the youtube link for it: Jesus Culture - You Won't Relent

Now I know this is completely "my style" when it comes to worship. BUT i would like to defend the "pentecostal" way of worship for a minute. Being "spirit-filled" and "spirit sensitive" is uber important. Its basically the whole deal. A lot of the time our worship services are planned, but there is always room for "planned spontaneity" as we like to call it. This song depicts this. You don't have to sing it necessarily in a specific order, it can be different every time.

Think about it. Aren't you different and changed every time you come to worship? Are you the same person you were yesterday? Are you allowing God to change and shape you daily? I think who we are, or rather Christ in us, should be reflected in our worship. Its the act of proclaiming God above everyone and everything else.

switching gears. Idolatry. In the Old Testament God hated Idolatry so much. Idolatry ultimately destroys us. Addictions drain us, it doesn't ever deliver. God is jealous. He offers us a source of life, a way for us to gain strength, to be completely full and ALIVE. Being addicted, or worshiping and Idol doesn't fill us, it empties us and leaves us to die.

I would say that my relationships have the potential to become an idol in my life. I love people. I adore them. I really enjoy getting inside someone's head, sharing dreams and experiencing their heart. I guess that's one of my fears with my new relationship. I am holding fast to Jesus. I want to be so in love with Jesus Christ. I don't want to fear "losing" myself to Zachariah. I am pursuing Christ with everything I have. That would be why I want to rediscover the Gospel. I hope to begin studying John tonight. I'm not sure what Zach is doing after small group, but I would love to spend some time in the Gospel :)

full circle. "You won't relent until you, have it all, my heart is yours..." It makes sense now. God is always pursuing us. He is unrelenting. He is jealous, and wants ALL of us. He loves us. He wants us to be full of him, full of life, love, and grace.

I challenge you to find a quiet place. sit and listen. Ask God to fill you with his spirit. I also challenge you to listen to this song. Notice how it repeats, realize that these verses can become a cry to God, something thats coming straight from not only your heart, but your very soul.

"may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you," 1 Thessalonians 5:28

thank  you for your time :)

~ Carolyn Marie


  1. My dearest Carolyn,

    When we see worship as a response to revelation (basically put, reacting to Who God is and what He has shown us of Himself) we can't help but to be changed by His presence. We can think of it this way: He justifies us by the blood of Jesus so we are allowed in His presence. The more we are allowed venture into His presence (which by the way, is constantly!) and take Him up on that offer, the more He changes us and fills us with His Spirit, with Himself. He wants to be with us constantly.

    As we respond to what we see of God we are changed. "Are we allowing God to change and shape us daily?" If we wake up responding to who God is and allowing Him to reveal portions of Himself through the scriptures, music, creation, prayer, meditation and other spiritual disciplines, then yes we are. When we walk in constant response to constant revelation, we are changed from glory to glory. God does this for us everyday because He is good and He loves us. The question is, "How often will we decide to open our eyes to His revelation?"

    Much Love,

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