Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 189...awkward...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

*slaps forehead angrily with exhasperated sigh* i've done it again. i've managed to ruin a perfectly good friendship. awesome. great Carolyn. Soon there will be no one left worthy of your time, all you know how to do is to go creepy on them and send them packing. great. just great.

and talk about awkward. i really didn't want to hold his hand. okay, that's a lie. of course i wanted to hold his hand! but i shouldn't be feeling this way! i SHOULD NOT be doing this. I shouldn't even be discussing this! AH! 

well. i just received a twitter message saying he wants to talk. EEP. so. stinking scared. im shaking. ugh. this is not good. way to go get your heart broken once again Carolyn. awesome stuff. i'll finish this later

okay. so i admit. i was wrong. turns out that things were not entirely awkward for an awful reason. things were awkward for a rather great reasons really. you guys will get the details in person first. then I will write about it here! love you all so much. please keep praying. pray. pray. pray. thanks :)


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