Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 191...encouragement...

is it odd that i long to give someone encouragement? is it odd that i have desired to be that rock, that stable person who someone can muse with, bounce ideas off of, dream with, and share fears with? I also want to encourage them.

today I wrote Zachariah a little note, folded it up all cutesy and girly, because, lets face it, I am a woman, and I slipped it to him in choir with a simple, "because I can." I hope he gets used to it. I'm not much for PDA or being "that couple" but I do like to encourage and extend a line every now and again. I am still so nervous, so "new" at this.

I just hope this doesn't fade. This feeling, this utterly wordless feeling that is welling up inside me. I don't want it to fade. I have heard constant stories about how the "passion" or "fire" fades. I don't want it to. I don't want the ridiculous butterfly feeling I get when he holds my hand to go away. Is it odd to want that forever? Its been two stinkin' days. lets not get ahead of ourselves. *deep breath* *sigh*

so. now im getting ready to go swimming with Rachel :) I'll have to spill my guts to her, okay, so i don't HAVE to, but she is like a sister to me, and I'm sure it'll happen, sorry Zach! anyway, then its on to homework. After play rehearsal, Zach is coming over to do homework. hopefully now that "the cats out of the bag" we can actually get work done :) I hope to pray and discuss some more about Awaken 24 as well.

again, here's to passionately pursuing Christ in everything we do!


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