Friday, April 30, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 213...the power of teleportation...

*sigh* today has been a long day.

I filmed this afternoon for my video. its going to be epic. :)

Zachariah, Casey, Heather, and Eric all helped me out today. Marrissa LeClair and Kim Walker appeared "randomly" in it too :) awesome. I can't wait to get started on editing it. I think I'll finish filming on monday. Then i will edit on tuesday since I don't have chem lab <3 Zachariah can witness my mad editing

tonight I'm hanging around the house, getting some things done, making sure I get the sheets changed, I need a shower, i smell awful, then I'm on my way home...

tomorrow we're headed to the race track. EEP! oh my goodness! so excited!


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