Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Adventure Called LIfe Day 210... know the word...

Phil Wickham. I admire this man. He is very talented, but also just plain real. He is a christian musician, I would even call him a "worship leader". His concerts are not a "show" they are an opportunity to enter into the throne room of God. Its awesome.

I was watching this video on youtube of him answering the first 10 questions on his latest blog. He answered a question, "What is the best advice you can give to a worship leader?"

"Know the word,"


that's pretty much it.

Its been my mission this semester. know the word. that's why I'm working my way through John right now. I want to know the gospel. i want it to be hidden away in my heart so God can draw it out of my heart when the time comes.

so. that's my daily mission. know the word. in turn i will begin to truly know God.



  1. Hey Carolyn!

    Did you know that Phil Wickham started out as a worship leader for the church that the church I work at now was birthed out of? He and his brother Evan have led worship in that church for years! Look up Evan too! He's amazing!

    I also challenge you to look at Revelation 19:13 and then decide to know the Word...

    2 Timothy 3:15 will show you the purpose of the scriptures... In this I beg of you to know the Scriptures AND the Word! :-)

    Much Love,