Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day

i am being intentional about building relationships. I am having coffee with one of my well spring teammates this afternoon. Marrissa LeClair is an extremely gifted, bright and talented woman of God. She is a freshmen, but she is so passionate, so on fire for God. Its such a blessing! We are the two vocalists on the team, and I just love love love singing with her. She challenges me to be my best, and to always mean from my very soul what I am singing. Its great. so great! 

anyway, I am being intentional about relationships. I think its about time that someone steps up to the plate. I feel like I sit back and pine for relationships when if I would just take the initiative and start being intentional about who I spend my time with, then I would be building Christ centered relationships. I am nervous. I desire to be an RA. I truly want to give back in this way, and I want to experience community living again. I miss it. I never thought I would miss it, but I truly do. I hope that the committee has chosen me to be an RA. I would love love love that job! AH! please Lord! I want to be used by you, and being an RA would be so awesome, such a blessing before I leave this place. 

have you ever felt oddly at peace about something, and then because you feel at peace you begin to worry? I know, oxymoron, but that's how i think sometimes. Its not good. Its not the right way to think. so no more being nervous. its time to make lunch, fold laundry and get on with the day. the first official WAVE service is tonight. i'll have to update about that later...


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