Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Adventure Called Life day 166...spring ahead...

tonight at 2 am we lose 1 hour of sleep. YAY :) this means spring is coming fast, even though my feet feel like icicles right now!! and that means things are wrapping up for school, but also this means change. I'm not too keen on change, and there's a minor blip right now in my radar.

It looks like I'm going to be as Spring Arbor for five years instead of four. I am sort of excited for another year, but also dreading the judgement of my family and friends. Although, I don't think they would judge me really, I think I'm just disappointed that I couldn't finish my degree in four years. I have four 400 level courses scheduled for spring semester next year. As an RA that will be next to impossible. I guess I could do it, but I would also never see anyone. ever. ugh. so by spacing it out, taking classes that I actually want to take, having a whole other year of piano under my belt, I think I'll just be more ready to leave SAU in five instead of four. but ugh. I had really only planned for four in my mind. change. alright. change it is :)


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