Monday, March 1, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 154...performing...

why do i get so nervous when performing? why do i literally freak out? im not sure.

well I had Paul play for me again. I sang "Turn it Off" by Paramore. He wouldn't rehearse with me. I sort of freaked out. well im still freaking out. I'm sure he enjoyed it, making me squirm. ugh. i really need to quit doing this to myself. I just need to calm down, and stop freaking out. *deep breath* im not sure if he just wanted to make me not want to work with him anymore? im not sure *deep breath* i can't do this to myself. its not fair to do this to myself. but if he EVER does that again. I think i might not speak to him. seriously. wow, now there's a word i haven't used in awhile :)

well im just flustered. and im not happy with my performance to top it. so ugh. double ugh. *scream of frustration*


you alone are worth of praise, you alone are worthy of all the glory. I love you. You are HOLY HOLY HOLY. I am so unworthy of your love. i love you. i exalt your name. PRAISE THE LORD O MY SOUL PRAISE THE LORD!!
in Jesus' Name,


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  1. Maybe it was good for you.

    Maybe you're looking into it too much.