Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 174...back at the arbor...

so the race begins. the race to the END OF THE SEMESTER!! AH! so exciting!

anyway, I unpacked all my stuff from my car, unpacked all my bags and suitcase. Then I organized my drawers, closet and my bathroom cabinet. so that's all done. Now I'm going to hit the road, AGAIN, so I can get some stuff for my desk, some pencils, a few other food items and maybe a white shrug if i can find one...a new pair of spring flats wouldn't hurt i'm off on an adventure. Homework will be postponed until tomorrow. I have time to do it in the afternoon and at night. right now, its time to get settled, organized and ready for the week. Also, a suit bag for choir tour would be nice as well...


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