Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day

so i drove my Dad's Tahoe today. and its a MONSTER :) so cool. I'M KING OF THE ROAD!!


well, my turn signals have been acting up, and apparently my car is showing the routine signs of brake-wear, so my Dad, being the fine auto mechanic he is, had me drop my car off when mom and I went to Aunt Jan's for lunch. Then I got to drive HIS car. awesome. At first I was nervous, but after a couple of minutes, okay, it was more like thirty-seconds, no joke, i was like I WANT ONE :) the thing has like 200,000 miles plus on it, but because it has been babied and taken care of, its in impeccable condition. needless to say it drives like a dream.


We were supposed to just pick up my car from my Dad on the way home, but since Mom was tired, I called to say that we were just going home and for him to just drive my car home. Well, he started explaining about this dial and that dial, then I realized that those dials DO NOT exist on my car, and I then it finally clicked. He was talking about HIS car, then one i was driving home. for some reason that was funny, and we laughed about it for like five minutes. He even said, "I'm a little worried, are you going to be okay," and through the giggles, "yes! bye!" and that was it. I sure hope I at least made him smile. I was being super silly. Basically I was laughing at myself and my spacyness. lol..

time to construct tacos for dinner tonight :) OLE!


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