Friday, July 9, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 282...return home...

Today we said goodbye to the campers of the Junior High session of Camp Michindoh. I wish that we had more time. Part of me feels like I didn’t get to connect with the kids as much as I wanted to. It is an interesting paradox, being a worship leader, but not a counselor. I don’t want to over step the counselor’s duty and their relationships with the kids. I think they did a great job this week. They lead cabin devotionals and apparently they had a lot of questions about worship and what the songs meant. That made me really excited that they were getting into the songs so much that they wanted to know what they actually meant. That is an answer to prayer.
When we get back to Spring Arbor, I need to run by the office and see Liz for some admissions stuff. Then Zachariah and I are going to spend the rest of the day together. I am super excited to see him. We are sort of celebrating our third month together. He is amazing, and I am so blessed by him everyday. Praise the Lord! 
Thank you for another camp. Thank you that we have made it this far. Keep preparing us for this upcoming week. We need you. We need your grace, your love, your mercy. We love you!
In Jesus’ name,

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