Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Adventure Called Life day 301...five days...

There are only five days left of tour. I am a little sad. I really, really enjoy tour. But, I am so tired. I wish that I had more energy, and more to give the kids. All I can do is participate all that I can, and always be available, even when I really just want to curl up on the floor and go to sleep :)

Last night with the Lord's marvelous provision and hand, I lead a little girl back to Christ. I am in awe of what God is doing here at this camp. We are playing a lot, getting really hot and sweaty playing awesome games with the kids, eating really awesome food, and being blessed all the time with great people to work with. I am just so thankful for this experience and this job. my life is amazing...

almost time for dinner, Liz and Luke are doing special music tonight and the rest of us, minus Jake, are singing in the choir. This is gonna be fun!


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