Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 300...milestones...

I can't believe it! My 300th day of blogging is here! WOW. Looking back on this journey has been incredible. I would encourage anyone I know to keep a journal and just see what God has done in a weeks time, and in 65 more days, it will be an entire year! Wow. just wow.

Here at Bay Shore, we are living it up in the sun. This afternoon I worked the zip line with Jake and Eric. I am developing calluses and it rocks! I love asking the kids if they had fun, and of course what their name is. I remember going to camp and feeling like I mattered all because some "adult" asked me for my name. It can literally make a kid's week that you ask AND remember their name...

We play two more times tonight, yay for this job. It is THE BEST ever. I am so ridiculously blessed.


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