Monday, July 19, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 291...get in shape?...

I have been out of high school for three years now. I have yet to discover an exercise program or regimen to replace my pom/dance days. I wish I could just keep doing that stuff to stay in shape, but it is so not practical. I am going to try running/jogging. Here is where the problem lies. If I can't do something well, I'd rather not try it if I know that I will fail. I am still feeling a little sick, so I know that really running is going to be impossible for a few days. To discourage me further is the idea that I will not be very good at it at all. I am not into mediocre results. EVER.

*sigh* I just need to take it slow and have patience for myself. This is something that will take care of my body, and help me to be a better minister, daughter, friend and wife and mother someday. I owe it to my Lord to take care of myself.


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