Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 295...on stage switch-a-roo...

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Today we did a switch-a-roo on stage. Marc sang with Marrissa leading from acoustic guitar. Liz played bass, both Eric and Luke played electric guitar. I played keys, Jacob played drums and Jake ran sound. I loved it! 
I am discovering that most of the team would love to learn to play a classical string instrument. I would love to learn Viola or Cello. I think Cello trumps it. But how to afford one, first I must master piano. Yes. That instrument first. Then the others. I love music! I shall learn, learn, learn this year. No excuses. I will be the best musician I can be. There are so many people to learn from if I would just ASK. I can just see a room in my house some day with a baby grand in it, a few guitars, a cello, an oboe, and a french horn. Zachariah can play the guitar, french horn and the piano. I can play the piano, the oboe and the cello. I have yet to learn cello, but that would be awesome. One of my life goals :)
Tonight we are giving a concert for the afterglow activity, just like the youth band did last night. I hope ours goes better. Their concert went well, but i did feel bad, their attendance was down and they had numerous sound troubles. I know our sound will be fine, I’m just worried about keeping the kids engaged. We just have to give it up to God, we aren’t playing FOR the kids anyway, we are ultimately playing for God! 

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