Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 298...sunday, sunday...

Today we play four times. Yeah, that's right, FOUR TIMES! We have played twice so far, so only the youth service, and the young adult service is now left. I am looking forward to playing for the college kids! Woot! woot!

I am having difficulty staying awake today for some reason. maybe its that lazy day sunday afternoon attitude I usually have at home...idk. This place is so relaxing and very beautiful. There is a boardwalk that goes out toward the shore of the saginaw bay. I am looking forward to seeing the sunset tonight. I hope that I can see it, we might still be in service, idk...

Zachariah is having a good day at work it seems. I am rejoicing for that! YAY LORD! Maybe we can skype tonight? :)


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