Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 304...frisbee and soccer balls...

Today we left Bay Shore Camp. I loved this week. As hard as it was to keep energized sometimes, relying on the Lord was super vital, and that made it so. much. fun! God is so faithful. Every time I gave it my all, he made sure to give it a little extra so it was impactful.

I just bought a pair of Tom's Shoes! Yay! They are purple chords. I am excited.
I also get to see my boyfriend Monday, and life is good, we are being taken care of at Liz's house. Its been wonderful.

Luke has been giving me frisbee throwing lessons. He is just great! We played soccer, then they returned Jacob's soccer ball because he didn't like it. It was too slippery or something. I took a shower and it was wonderful. Now I am awaiting my prince to call...

The Lord has been so faithful this tour. He always came through and then some, even when I didn't expect it. may he receive all the glory, honor and praise. PRAISE THE LORD!


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