Monday, September 20, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 356...blessed day...

Today was glorious. I woke up, I went to Chapel to hear Tony Campolo speak. Then Zachariah and I staked out a practice room, grabbed some lunch. He went to class, I returned to my floor, hung out with some residents. Then I went to concert choir. Zachariah and I had dinner from Ada's and we sat at the Historical marker on the music building, enjoying an unseen classical pianist in the practice room we were lounging against. After dinner we wandered back to our Rez halls and got our horns for concert band. After band we both had staff meetings. Mine went really well. Just a couple of things to go over.

Zachariah texted me saying that Josh needed to talk. I called and supported him, I didn't want to infringe upon his responsibility but also his friendship with the man. I look forward to his good night call in a little bit. Until then I am going to finish putting up signs for floor events!!


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