Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 003

today is wednesday. and i'm super excited. i love wednesdays. first there is Espanol before chapel, then chapel, lunch, VOICE LESSON, class, break in which to practice piano and guitar, and then finally another class. i especially love wednesdays like today. tonight is prop shop worship. for the past two weeks we have been scrambling to put together a service as worship arts majors. we do this every month to "practice" what we are learning and to grow as worship leaders. i wanted, at first, to be in the band with my wellspring teammates but now i am grateful to have been working with Liz and the prayer team!! yay! marc and i are also in a skit, and its super'll have to come tonight to the small chapel at SAFMC at 9:30 to see what i mean!!

well i need to make a sign for our little skit, and need to finish making tea before i walk over there. i'll update this after the service to give a little "overview and review." :)

so...WE DID IT! Prop Shop was a definite success. It was definitely not your typical service, but I feel like it went well. God really moved in some of my friend's lives tonight, as well as mine. My hope that my father will confess Jesus is Lord has been renewed. I prayed with a friend of mine and I found myself bursting with thankfulness at his salvation and his dedication to the things of God. I want to be the example, the light that shines into the darkness of my father's world and makes it light. I want to be a tool in God's plan to draw him unto himself. God is good. All the time. God is good. Thank you Lord!

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