Monday, September 28, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 001

Strange isn’t it? That is, the fact we share an orbiting, rotating rock with 6 billion people. Some that we can’t understand because of their difference in tongue and those who we share a native tongue and culture with that baffle us still. I often wonder how did we all become so different, and what does that mean if God is the creator of the universe? How does God fit into our world?

I have come to the realization that these questions are absurd! Of course God fits into our world! He created it! Something tells me we forget this fact when we ask this question. So knowing this fact, let’s ask this question again...

How does God fit into our world?

My answer? I don’t know.

I know right? I’m a ministry major and I can’t answer this one! My goodness! There is something terribly wrong if I can’t answer this...right? Again, I am not sure.

Maybe a better question do I fit in GOD’s world?

Now that I can begin to answer. Let’s go back to the beginning. Why did God created stuff? He created “stuff” to bring himself glory, because after all, he is GOD. I once thought it was for companionship, but God already has community. God is a community. Father, Holy Spirit and Son. The trinity is the perfect community and family. Could it be that God wanted to extend that love, commitment and compassion out into a world of their creation? Again, not entirely sure, but it begins to make sense.

This Sunday at River Tree, Andy, the lead pastor shared about family. He also shared that God did not create humans because he was lonely or bored. He said that God already has perfect wholeness. He ventured that God created us to share that wholeness.

Okay, so we’re his creation, created with the purpose of worshipping him and bringing him glory. That’s it, that is how we “fit” into God’s world. Okay, but how do we do that?

Love. I know, I know, you still want specifics or examples. I challenge you to close your eyes. Picture your workplace, your home, your church, even your commute to and from work. Okay, think about all the ways you have to LOVE the people around you...

Love. That is how we fit in God’s world.

Last month, I saw Julie and Julia. It sparked something inside of me. Watching Julie blog and dedicate herself to finishing something for once in her life made me think, “hey, I can do that too. I can finish things.” So I’m not promising that each entry this next year will be some sort of revelation. This will be a journey, an adventure if you will. A little window into the life of a twenty year old Worship Arts Ministry major trying to discover who God is so she can be the woman and the worshipper that God created her to be.

After the movie, on the car ride home I kept the radio off. I let my mind go blank (while paying attention to the road of course) and wait for God to speak. I was asked by our creator if I would “stop running”. My quick reply was, “I am not! I am at SAU, in the major I am supposed to be in!” and the reply came just as quickly. “Will you stop running ahead?”


Then I realized that I have been. I have been running ahead of what God is doing and the plan that he has placed me in. I’m on the right way, I am just running past the scenery and the opportunities to grow and be challenged. I find myself being very discontented. I am single, on a campus that flourishes with romantic relationships. Most of the time its sort of cute, but now its just infuriating! I’m not going to name names, but someone has caught my attention. Someone said this summer to him that if he didn’t want to be single anymore that he wouldn’t be. Well, obviously he wants to be single, or he has his eye on someone else. I am sure he knows that I'm interested. Its terribly obvious.

Anyway, so no more running. No more planning ahead a year or two in advance. No more playing piano and fantasizing about when I’ll be able to lead worship from the piano, finally. No. No more. I am living now. In the moment, enjoying the frustration, the hard work and the endless “to-do” list called Life.

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